Gerosuka Girls Club Enjoying M Man as a Human Toilet JK Queen’s Passionate Training Member Number 8 Miu Nakayama

Miu Nakayama is a dignified beautiful girl, but a school girl who was discharged from school because she confined a man and repeated vomiting and excretion lynching! The masochist suffers from feces, vomiting, runny nose, and body fluids without stopping even at the transfer destination. The masochist of the sex tool is slapped, and bullying is pulled out until the spirit is completely destroyed by facial baptism of enema.

Product release date: October 24, 2015
Recording time: 101 minutes
Cast: Miu Nakayama
Director: Rusher Miyoshi
Series: Geroska Women’s Club Enjoying M Man as a Human Toilet
Manufacturer: Mars Soul
Label: ー

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