Vomiting excretion women’s club to enjoy a man as a human toilet Chura kanon

Liner notes

The “Geroska Women’s Club” series of Mars Tamashii who has revived as a VR and enjoys using an M man as a human toilet.
In the second installment, the super famous idol Miranaka of the transformation world is featured.
She is a younger sister character, and she often plays the role of M woman, but she is also a hell angel who shows sadism for M man.
This time, the story of a psycho sister who made her brother a human toilet.
He will show you the real secret of Kanon-style scat attack.
The world of saliva, pee, gero, and dungeon in the virtual space in front of you.
The viewer will be immersed in the world of her body fluids.

A perverted rape in the brain that makes the head fly and turns white.
This is a series to enjoy the overly intense stimulation of VR.
What I would like to emphasize is that the excrement, vomiting, body fluids… are all truly “real”.
The distance to the camera was carefully readjusted, aiming for the ultimate immersive feeling that allows you to experience a simulated human toilet.

#1. In this way I became my sister’s toilet bowl

An incident in which my brother looked into the sister’s toilet, which prompted him to use it as a toilet bowl.

#2. Restrained in a chair and playing fluid

And the toilet remodeling training in the dungeon.
The secrets of the Kanon family’s ancestral descent have been revealed.
Spitting, pee play.

#3. Group training with spit, sputum and urine from my sister and friends

Kanon’s friend, Momochi, will come to play and tell us the secret of the toilet bowl.
“Wow, it feels bad,” everyone trained for saliva, sputum, and urine. A sad human toilet.

#4. As a human urinal, urinating and drinking feces

To finish the toilet bowl, stop all human beings and become a true human toilet bowl.
Persistent gelo golden blame by Kanon.
Even with this, I was vomiting and pooping.
The inside of the toilet bowl became chaotic. Ah, the head is pure white.