[VR] [VR High Quality] Enjoying the M Man as a Human Toilet Gerosuka Girls Club Queen Youko

“Become my toilet bowl”

Yui, who has been reincarnated in the Queen’s exclusive toilet bowl, has no choice but to drink the body fluid squeezed out of her lovely hole, eat excrement, and save her life. While talking to you, M man, with passion, he continues to feed with saliva, chews, gelos and manure. A muddy, perverted world spun with pure innocent love and madness. Her spicy body odor, rich grou urine, and the stimulation of the feces that have matured in the body are engraved in the brain. Verbalization and description are no longer worthful to Yui’s chaotic scat training.

Product Release Date: June 10, 2020
Recording time: 76 minutes
Performers: Yui Goto
Director: Rusher Miyoshi
Series: Gerosuka Girls Club Enjoying M Man as a Human Toilet Queen Misako
Manufacturer: Deeps
Label: Mars Soul

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